About Us

About us

Concert Live brings together live music fans to give them access to the most exclusive products from their favourite bands. We create and sell live recordings for some of the world’s biggest acts including Robbie Williams, Elton John and KISS as well as providing the best deals on limited edition vinyls and merchandise.
In our extensive product range we’ve got something for every live music fan to enjoy, and our close working relationships with our artist partners means we can offer you products which nobody else has. These are items you can cherish, take pride in and tell your friends about.
We’re also proud to have published a range of luxury collector’s books produced for the likes of Bill Wyman, Mott the Hoople and Jeff Wayne. These truly exclusive pieces of music memorabilia bring you closer to your favourite artists than you could have ever imagined.
So whether you’re a live music collector, a music memorabilia fanatic, or looking for that extra special birthday present, at Concert Live you’re sure to find something special in our treasure trove of exclusive music products!